Erasing the signs of aging with plant stem cells!

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Plant Stem Cells
Today we are living longer but are often unhappy with the signs of aging.  As we age, our skin becomes drier and thinner, we develop sun spots and wrinkles, collagen production subsides and we lose elasticity.  Plant stem cell technology has become an emerging tool to combat the signs of aging. How does it work? First, it is important to know that stem cells are some of the most important cells in the human body.  They are biological cells that have to power to regenerate over a lifetime.  They are important for wound healing and are the source for continuous skin growth and cell regeneration. Stem cells are harmed by internal and external factors including stress, smoking, an unbalanced diet, UV radiation and pollution.
As human stem cell harvesting continues to be an ethical and moral dilemma, scientist have found a way to gain the health benefits of plant stem cells. Incorporating plant stem cells into skin care products and professional aesthetic treatments helps to protect human stem cells in the layers of the skin from deterioration and damage, and stimulates them to be active again.  Common plant stem cells used in products today include those from oranges, grapes, grapefruit, lilac, apple, eldelweiss and rose.  Two of our PCA serums contain plant stem cells including C-Quench (lilac stem cells) and Rejuventating Serum (grapefruit stem cells).  Try them out and let us know if you see a difference!Cutaway of Plant Growing in Dirt

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