Get Your Bronze On!

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Looking for the perfect way to make your look amazing? Look no further! Bronzers are the answer! We have several to choose from, so there are choices for every skin type. Our So Bronze line has three different types, So Bronze 1 is a solid color with just a hint of sparkle, So Bronze 2 is a two-toned with a hue of peach, So Bronze 3 is a hue of pink and also two-toned. These are great for contouring and highlighting as well!


Our most popular seller are the bronze quads. With three to choose from, they are very multipurpose. We have Moonglow, for the lighter skin types or for those who want a coppery glow. Next we have Rosedawn, all the colors are in the pink family with a beautiful shimmer! And last but not least is Sunbeam, for a darker skin type or a deeper glow. What’s great about these all natural mineral products is that you can use them as a blush, bronzer, contour, highlighter, eyeshadow, and even as a lip color, mixed with our Smoother Primer or any gloss! What a value! Pick one up today!bronzer-sunbeam-moonglow

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