Give Your Lips a Gift this Winter!

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One of my favorite products from Jane Iredale is Lipdrink. I use it in the summer as a sunscreen for my lips, as it has 15 SPF, and I use it in winter for that dryness we all get! It contains no petroleum-derived products that can be drying. It has carrot seed oil to soften and smooth your lips and avocado oil to protect and moisturize. Coffee seed, blackberry, and green tea leaf extracts also provide antioxidant benefits. It also has a light citrus taste provided from lemon peel oil. Lipdrink is great over or under your favorite lip product. I use it over the stain of Lip Fixation when I want a matte look instead of using the gloss. This product is gluten free and is vegan friendly. My husband works outside and uses it regularly to protect his lips. The container is man-friendly and so is the scent. Pick up your Lipdrink today at Suite 103 Aesthetics!

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