Body Wraps

Body wraps are a delightful, relaxing escape that offer a perfect experience of spa indulgence.

Prices starting at $85

Come spend an hour with us as we gently exfoliate your skin, slather you with “mud,” wrap you to keep you warm, lightly massage you, and offer you plenty of hydration with a rinse.

Body wraps offer the benefits of relaxation, stimulating touch, and detox. With a body wrap toxins are removed from the body, leaving you cleansed through metabolic stimulation. Your skin will be noticeably softened and moisturized once the body wrap is complete.

When you come in for a body wrap, we first exfoliate your skin with a salt scrub while you lie on the massage table. This smooths your skin by removing the outer layer of dead skin cells. We apply a specific type of body mud, then wrap you gently in material. You stay in the warm body wrap for about twenty minutes before we remove it and rinse your body thoroughly. In the meantime you get a light massage as the various agents are applied during the process of the body wrap.

You can choose from three different body wraps at Suite 103. Our European Rose Body Mud nourishes, moisturizes, heals and replenishes the skin. The Black Baltic Body Mud cleanses, detoxifies, balances, and moisturizes. Firmi-Sea Body Mud firms the skin, stimulates the body, and smoothes and replenishes. All three body wraps will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed, with softened, lightly scented skin.

Don’t miss out on the luxury of a body wrap. Call us to book a body wrap today — you’ll love the silky feeling it brings to your rejuvenated skin.

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