Voluma Injectables

Looking to correct droopy, loose skin, or wrinkles in the cheeks or mid-section of your face? As it’s name implies, Juvederm’s Voluma XC is a relatively new product that rejuvenates facial skin to add volume and take years off your look. Voluma is a hyaluronic acid (HA) product that is so safe and effective it is approved in dozens of countries around the world. It is the only FDA-approved cheek filler and is reversable, if desired.

How Does Voluma Work?

As we age, the face shifts downward due to decreasing bone volume and loosening skin. This causes wrinkles and skin folds to look more prominent. Voluma is a long-lasting product that can  make this droopiness almost magically appear to disappear. With results lasting up to two years (that’s right — two years!), Voluma comes in a pre-filled syringe. Voluma is pre-mixed with lidocaine to reduce pain upon injection. Voluma is injected near the cheekbones, and you will notice an instant effect in the firmness and lift of the skin in the middle of your face. Because Voluma is inserted in the mid-face area, it reduces not only cheek hollows, but folds from the nose down to the lips, jowls at the jawline, and lines that run down the sides of your lower lip.

What Happens Next?

Voluma gives a natural look and is in no way harmful. You may notice tenderness, moderate swelling, or itching in the mid-face after injection, but these side effects resolve within a week of the Voluma treatment. So, you can expect little to no recovery time with Voluma. And best of all, Voluma’s long-lasting effects mean you will not have to return for frequent touch ups, like you do with other facial fillers.

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