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beef-bone-broth-016 (2)I am always looking for the latest and greatest treatments, products, or lifestyle changes that will keep myself and my clients looking younger. I am always preaching to others to avoid the sun, use high quality professional skin care products and lately I have been focusing on healthy food choices! So, many of you have probably already heard about the bone marrow browth craze. It may or may not be for you (especially you Vegans out there), however, I have done some research on it and here is a summary of its benefits.

For starters, collagen is what keeps our skin looking young and firm. I often apply treatment serums and moisturizers to my face to stimulate collagen production. Ingesting collagen rich foods will also provide overall health benefits. Boiling down the bone marrow of chicken, fish, beef, lamb, venison, turkey, etc., results in an easily digestable gelatin, nutrient rich broth that is great for your health and skin.

Bone marrow is important for blood health and immunity, and is rich in Glycine and Proline, amino acids that are important for connective tissue function, aid in digestion and support collagen. Bone marrow is rich in calcium and magnesium and is a super digestion food, as is contains gelatin . A healthy digestion track will improve your skin as it will allow you to retain nutrients, it will help reduce toxins in the body (those that cause breakouts) and will keep you hydrated! It’s best to buy bones from grass fed beef and organically processed poultry. There are many bone broth recipes out there and even recipes for homemade fruit gummies for the kids. So instead of that cup of coffee, try a cup of hot beef broth to keep your skin looking great!

Julie Vondrak, Master Esthetician

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