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I am lucky enough to have been blessed with good skin, its genetics!  So when I started using PCA Skin Care just over a year ago, I wasn’t expecting miracles.  However, that really is what I got.  My morning routine goes something like this: PCA Facial Cleanser, Nutrient Toner, Total Serum, C-Strength and then makeup.  The evening is the same, except I switch out the C-Strength with Silkcoat balm.  A few months ago, I started noticing some fine lines around my eyes, so my skincare guru Julie recommended adding an eye cream and Exlinea Peptide Smoothing Serum.  What Julie says goes, so I did!

The eye cream worked wonders and for someone who has the most sensitive skin in the world, I was overjoyed at its success!  The Exlinea gave my skin an all over smoothness that I just could never get before.  Then I ran out of C-Strength.  Well just in time for me to run out, Julie mentioned I should try our new product, C&E Strength.  I’ve been using this for about a week now and the results are amazing.  I looked in the mirror about 5 minutes ago, my skin is glowing, smooth and tight.  I am so happy with the results of these PCA products that I had to sit down and blog about it.

My advice to anyone out there that is thinking about starting a skin care regimen, it might seem overwhelming, but the results you’ll get far outweigh the fear of starting.  Start with just a few products and then add a new product over time. Go see Julie today, she will explain the PCA system to you, give you a prescription for success and let you choose how to start your skin care journey!

Heather Linehan, Business Manager

Suite 103 Aesthetics and Color Studio, LLC

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