Men's Services

Suite 103 is a boutique med spa in Salem, NH. Our spa is conveniently located in a small medical building with ample parking near major routes. Our private setting and honest staff make Suite 103 an ideal med spa where men can relax. We understand that every client comes to us to achieve a specific goal and our team strives to make everyone feel comfortable, and able to explain their individual struggles and desires. We offer complimentary consultations for all of our spa services. We will answer all of your questions and provide the information you need to choose the aesthetic treatment that best suit your unique needs. Financing is available through Care Credit and you will find that our spa service menu is more affordable than most large spas. Let our team at Suite 103 help you feel and look your best! We invite you to call or email to schedule a free consultation to discuss any spa treatments that you are interested in with zero obligation.

IPL Hair Removal/Photofacials

Intense Pulsed Light (“IPL) treatments have been increasingly popular medical spa treatments for men because they pose low risk and are very affordable. IPL technology is similar to laser technology and can permanently reduce unwanted hair on the back, shoulders and chest area. Photofacials, using IPL technology also help to reduce unwanted brown spots, red vessels and redness on the face, resulting in a smoother, brighter, tighter complexion. Suite 103 uses the cutting edge Cynosure Icon IPL system that was selected by our Medical Director after an in depth analysis of the most current systems on the market today. IPL treatments are fast and efficient with little to no downtime. Learn More

Facial Fillers: Botox & Juvederm

Botox is definitely not just for women and if you ask around I am sure someone you know is quietly getting “brotox” and looking great. Everyone ages differently and some men experience more facial changes than others. At Suite 103 we offer complimentary consultations that will help you decide if botox or juvederm can rejuvenate your facial features and make you feel young again. Botox is used to temporarily improve the look of “crows feet” and frown lines in between the eye brows. Juvederm is injected into the cheeks to reduce the effect of age related volume loss in the face. It is also used smooth wrinkles around the mouth and nose and can be injected as a gel that plumps lips. These fillers are extremely safe and maintaining the injections takes very little time from your busy schedule. Click here for info about Botox or click here for more info about Juvederm. Learn More About Botox

Pelleve Tightening Facial Treatments

We can thank science and medicine for providing us a multitude of methods to reduce the signs of aging and keep our youthful glow! Pelleve skin tightening treatments are one of the least invasive and most impressive options for reducing wrinkles and smoothing skin. This advanced system uses radio frequency to heat deep layers of skin without damaging your top layer. This technique causes your skin to produce more collagen which naturally improves your skin. After these treatments your skin will be firmer and smooth with a tightness that you will notice. Pelleve is an ideal treatment for sagging skin under the chin, lines around the mouth, fine lines around the eyes and heavy skin on the upper eyelid. For more information about Pelleve skin tightening treatments click here.

Hydrafacial MD

The HydraFacial MD treatment is one the most advanced medical facials on the market today. This rejuvenating facial cleanses, detoxifies, exfoliates, extracts and hydrates all in one treatment. A variety of ingredients are infused into the skin leaving the skin fully cleansed, brightened and tightened with no downtime. It is suitable for all skin types and treats oily, dehydrated, aging and sun-damaged skin. Customized advanced serums can be added to your treatment to address sun damage spots, fine lines and wrinkles and laxity. Our aestheticians will evaluate your skin and make recommendations as to which treatment is most appropriate for your skin conditions. For more information on Hydrafacial click here.

Waxing Services for Men

Let’s face it, IPL and Laser treatments are not for everyone. The good news is that waxing regularly can provide you with the smooth, hairless skin, too! At Suite 103 we use the best skin care products in a convenient and private setting. Our experienced aestheticians will make sure you are always comfortable and will get you back on your way as quickly as possible. For details about our waxing services click here.

Color Analysis For Men

Let’s face it, we all could use a little advice about our wardrobe to help us look our best! The way you dress obviously impacts how people perceive you, but the colors you choose actually change the appearance of your skin. During your color analysis at Suite 103 you will learn about your skin tone and understand which colors bring out your best features. Our male clients have been incredibly impressed with the results they experience when following their color recommendations! For details about color analysis click here.

Custom Facials for Men

Ready for relaxation? Experience a customized facial that includes a thorough cleanse, exfoliating and hydrating masks, extractions and customized serums and moisturizers tailored to your specific skin type and conditions. Our Aestheticians will conduct a thorough skin evaluation and will choose the appropriate PCA skin products suitable for you. Treatment also includes a hand, arm, shoulder, neck and face massage. At home skin care products will be recommended to ensure your skin remains hydrated, healthy and protected. For more information click here.