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About Color Analysis

Color analysis is the process of determining which colors best suit an individual’s natural skin and hair tones. Flattering colors will make a person’s skin appear even-toned, less wrinkled, and can make their eyes appear brighter and their teeth whiter. Non flattering colors will have the opposite effect of paleness, uneven skin tone, as well as an overall aged and tired appearance. The ideal way to select a color palette is to first determine an individual’s skin tone. We then factor in eye and hair color, and finally “drape” with color drapes to demonstrate which colors are best for each person. Skin tone is the single, most important element.

How it works

The basic principles of seasonal color analysis are that there are four groups of people, each associated with a season – winter, summer, spring or autumn. Winters and summers are associated with cool colors, while springs and autumns with warm ones.

We use the Color Me Beautiful system which is the leader on color and image. Color Me Beautiful has continuously refined and expanded its system to reflect and cater to the changing needs of their clients. They have perfected the art and science of color and what works for each man and woman. Tim Gunn states in the Tim Gunn’s Fashion Bible “From a fashion perspective, Color Me Beautiful was actually quite valuable”. Service includes a take-home Color Me Beautiful swatch fan with all your appropriate seasonal colors.


Generally speaking, winters look fabulous in true black and white. They are the only season that can wear solid black or white perfectly. Classic winters include Elizabeth Taylor and Kerry Washington. Summers appear softer and more muted with their best colors being less harsh. A light lemon color will make a summer appear radiant. A classic summer would be Jennifer Aniston. Autumns wear earth tones best. Think golden and bronze. Moss green and deep warm turquoise are terrific on autumns. Classic autumns are Susan Sarandon and Julia Roberts. Springs also have golden skin undertones but may have rosy cheeks. Springs wear salmon and ivory beautifully. As with summers, they are usually fair skinned. A classic spring would be Jessica Chastain.


Jewelry should be silver, platinum or white gold if you are a winter or a summer. Yellow gold and bronze are best for a spring or an autumn.


Most women have a black dress ready to go at all times. Although black is not an ideal color for most of us, it can be accessorized properly to enhance your unique individual traits.

Complimentary makeup application offered at the end of every service.

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