Things to consider about IPL hair removal

8 Things to Consider To About Hair Removal Treatments This Winter

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Sick of shaving?  You are not the only one!  Hair removal is the most popular type of aesthetic treatment world wide, and both men and women are flocking to med spas and laser centers this winter.  If you are thinking about making the investment you should consider these eight things before you begin.  

1. The Season 

Med spas are pretty busy during the winter because we need to stay out of the sun after hair removal treatments.  Because hair grows in a cycle that spans over about 2 months, your laser sessions will be spaced out at least 6-8 weeks.  The process from start to finish will usually take 6-9 months, but some people may find that it takes over a year for certain areas.  Each session typically kills 30% of the hair follicles in the treated area, and it is uncertain exactly how many sessions you will require until you begin.  Your aesthetician can give you a pretty good estimate during your free consultation.  

2.  Technology

Your skin and hair are unique and it is important to choose the hair removal method that meets your specific needs.  Our Master Aesthetician or M.D. at Suite 103 will discuss which method is right for you during your free consultation.  After significant research and trials, our Medical Director chose to offer IPL hair removal (rather than laser hair removal) because it is safer for a wider spectrum of skin tones, and is much more cost effective.  IPL stands for “intense pulsed light” and it kills the hair follicles using heat just like a laser.  The IPL technology was developed initially to improve skin tone and reduce dark spots and scars, and it was found that hair loss was a side effect.  When IPL is used for hair removal it may also improve the pigmentation of skin in the treated area.  It is said to be less painful and poses less risk and side effects than laser hair removal.  Suite 103 uses the new ICON aesthetic system that offers peak power, state-of-the-art cooling, and the proprietary Skintel® Melanin Reader resulting in fast treatments with excellent results.  This revolutionary device uses several patented innovations that expedite the process, make clients more comfortable, and reduces risk.  

3.  Money

Hair removal treatments have been in use since the 90’s and the technology has come a long way.  This has made laser hair removal & IPL hair removal more affordable and accessible for people in the US.  As with any spa treatment, the price tag will be much higher at a resort spa than it will be at a local boutique spa like Suite 103 where IPL hair removal pricing starts at just $59 per session.  Medical spa treatments can be financed by Care Credit too!

4.  Variables

The outcomes of hair removal treatments are significantly impacted by hair color and skin color.  Dark hair on light skin is the best combo for effective hair removal.  This doesn’t mean that people with light hair and dark skin can’t benefit from IPL hair removal treatments, it just means there is a greater chance that it might not work as well and hair may grow back.  Nonetheless, there are lasers made to treat all types of skin and hair, and you can trust that Suite 103 will not sell you treatments that are not right for you.

5.  Pain

As with many aesthetic treatments, there will be pain… however it is really not that bad at all.  Many women simply numb the area with ice prior to IPL hair removal treatments and others use numbing cream that is applied at least 30 minutes prior to the session.  If you would like to use the numbing cream, you will need to arrive to your appointment 30 minutes early.

6.  Provider

The lasers used for hair removal are serious tools that require significant training to operate.  The med spa industry has “blown up” in the last decade and as a result there are many inadequate spas selling laser hair removal treatments that are delivered by under qualified technicians, using unsafe lasers.  Suite 103’s Medical Director Dr. William Edwards has been in practice as an MD for decades and has been trusted by thousands of women.  He rigorously trials all treatments and devices that we use at Suite 103 and ensures that all of our team is extremely qualified to utilize our state of the art technology.  Our studies have led us to choose IPL hair removal rather than laser hair removal because we find it is more effective and poses less risk. Rest assured, all of our med spa treatments are safe and effective, without a doubt.

7.  Side Effects

Most women do not experience many physical side effects from IPL hair removal.  After your appointment, you may have some discoloration or irritation.  You will have to avoid exposing your skin to the sun for a while, but other than that there are not many impacts to your daily life.  There is a small risk that your skin might get burnt, but it happens VERY infrequently and typically the burns are not severe and do not leave permanent scars.  During your free consultation your aesthetician will discuss all possible side effects with you at length, and will provide all of the facts you need to make your decision.  We have our Medical Director, Dr. Edwards, who can consult with you as well if you have any specific medical concerns.

8.  Benefits

You may never have to shave again!  What more of a benefit do you need? 

Call Suite 103 at 603.685.0046 and schedule to learn more about IPL hair removal today and give yourself a gift you deserve!

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