Improve Skin Health from the Inside

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Improve Skin Health from the Inside

Suite 103 is excited to introduce Jane Iredale’s new skincare supplements designed to feed the skin from the inside out.  The new supplements are designed to treat oily skin, normal/combination skin and pigmentation.  All supplements are free of dairy, yeast, wheat, artificial flavorings and colorings, gluten, GMO ingredients and soy and are not tested on animals.  The available supplements include the following:

Skin Omegas (all skin types including dry, sensitive, flushed, problem skin)                                                                         

 These supplements include the perfect balance of omega-3, omega-6 and Vitamin A. Two capsules daily are recommended with food.

Skin Antioxidant (all skin types, skins concerned with photo-aging)                                                                                           

These supplements contain seven super phytonutrients enhanced with beta-carotene (Vitamin A) and include bilberry fruit, turmeric, grapeseed extract, green tea, lutein, calcium and lycopene.  One capsule daily with a meal is recommended.

Skin Vitamin A (all skin types including aging skin and breakout prone skin)                                                                          

These supplements nourish the skin from the inside, are easily absorbable and contain optimal levels of Vitamin D and Vitamin A plus calcium. One capsule daily with a meal is recommended.

Feeding your skin from the inside out with these new amazing supplements, paired with our medical grade skin care lines, and finished with our personalized Jane Iredale makeup products will leave you looking beautiful and confident.


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