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Dermaplaning, also known as epidermal leveling or blading, is a natural and manual procedure that uses a scalpel to scrape debris, dead skin cells, and vellus hair from the skins surface. This simple shaving of the epidermis reduces the appearance of fine lines and creates healthier, more radiant skin. Dermaplaning is only performed on the face and is recommended for all skin types and colors, with the exception of those with acne. Many people hear the term and associate with with dermabrasion, which is absolutely nothing like dermaplaning. Dermabrasion is a medical procedure for exfoliating skin and has several complications, including scarring, and is not commonly used any more.

Dermaplaning usually takes less than 30 minutes and is a noninvasive procedure. This “lunch hour treatment” provides immediate results and doesn’t leave any marks so many clients return to work afterwards. Your aesthetician will cleanse the skin and then use light strokes the skin with a scalpel at a 45 degree angle. No anesthetic is necessary and it is very rare to get any nicks, and if you do happen to get a small nick they heal almost immediately. (This would be similar to a small nick that men get shaving all the time). After treatments you must use moisturizers and sunscreen and it is recommended to avoid sun exposure for a few days. Contrary to the “old wives tale” about hair regrowth, the vellus hair that is scraped away will grow back at the same color and thickness. Vellus hair (better known as peach fuzz) is different than hair on your arms and legs and will not grow back darker after dermaplane treatments.

These treatments are wonderful on their own, and can also be used to enhance the effectiveness of laser treatments and chemical peels. When dermaplane is performed prior to other treatments, it clears dead skin and hair which enables the next treatment to reach a deeper, fresher, level of skin cells. Because dermaplaning is a natural type of exfoliation, it is an ideal option for women who are pregnant or nursing and are unable to use chemical peels.

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