How to Properly Treat Sensitive Skin!

Do you Suffer from Sensitive Skin? How do you know if you have sensitive skin? Sensitive skin is actually thinner skin, with blood vessels and nerve endings closer to the surface, which is usually more reactive to stimulants and irritants. It is typical of Fitzpatrick Type I or II skin (light skin that always burns[…] More

A Flawless Make-up Application requires the Proper Tools!

Do you have the right tool for the job?  The job of applying your make-up that is! If your answer is “I’m not sure or I don’t think so” you do not want to miss our March sale at Suite 103 Aesthetics.  We are offering 20% off Jane Iredale cleansers and make-up brushes which are[…] More

Things to consider about IPL hair removal

8 Things to Consider To About Hair Removal Treatments This Winter

Sick of shaving?  You are not the only one!  Hair removal is the most popular type of aesthetic treatment world wide, and both men and women are flocking to med spas and laser centers this winter.  If you are thinking about making the investment you should consider these eight things before you begin.   1. The Season […] More

The Not So Sweet Truth About Sugar!

Tis the season for overeating and packing on a few pounds, it happens to the best of us!   I think we all know sugar is not the best dietary choice but did you know excessive sugar consumption can significantly impact and age our skin. I have written about “glycation” in the past and it has[…] More

Considering a Facial Filler??

Are you Considering a Facial Filler? Have you recently looked in the mirror lately and thought you may need a little something to bring back your youthful appearance?  As we age, our skins natural collagen and elastin production slows down and our skin looses its fullness and tightness.  There are so many treatments marketed today[…] More

Considering a Retinol to improve your skin?

Retinol, also know as Vitamin A is a very common  and effective anti-aging product used for fighting acne, diminishing the look of fine lines and wrinkles, improving surface skin tone and texture, and improving discoloration from past breakouts and sun damage (brown spots).  Vitamin A also boosts collagen production and cell turnover and blocks the[…] More

Microneedling has arrived at Suite 103 Aesthetics

Introducing Microneedling  Suite 103 has been researching and conducting hands on demonstrations of all the microneedling products available. We are now featuring the Skin Stylus MicroPen and are excited to give our clients amazing results! What is Microneedling? Microneedling is a technique that uses tiny sterile micro-needles to create very small, controlled “injuries” to skin. These[…] More

Do you suffer from Rosacea?

  Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that affects millions of Americans, mainly those over the age of 30.  The cause of Rosacea is unknown and is believed to be genetic.  It is commonly seen in people of Western European descent but it can affect anyone. Rosacea must be diagnosed by a physician.  There are[…] More

Color Me Spring!

Spring is finally here after a very long winter?  Suite 103 features Jane Iredale, an all mineral make-up collection with colors for every complexion! If you are like me, we need all new light colors to say Spring! A new foundation is my first recommendation, and we suggest a BB cream or a CC cream (dream tint)[…] More

HydraFacial MD’s new Connective Tissue Growth Factors

For you Hydra fans, Suite 103 Aesthetics is excited to introduce the newly released treatment serum that can be added to the HydraFacial MD treatment.  This Connective Tissue Growth Factor (CTGF) serum utilizes human derived growth factors that are rigorously tested for all known pathogens and do not contain any recombinant (bacteria derived) or bovine (animal derived) materials.[…] More


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